Toys Made in Europe

Scratch Made in Czech Republic
Hama Beads Made in Denmark
Vliac – Made in France/China (mostly china now, it would seem)
LEGO Made in Germany
Currently all are made in europe, mostly germany but they are building a factory in Mexico.
L’oiseau Bateau Made in France/E. Europe
Cloth toys, dolls, etc
Grimm’s Spiel & Holz Made in Germany
Hess – Made in Germany
Heros – Made in Germany
Wooden blocks and toys
Holtzinger Made in Germany
Käthe Kruse Made in Germany
Kettler Made in Germany
Childrens’ bicycles, tricycles, and other ride-on toys
Playmobil Made in Germany
Plastic playsets
Quadros – Made in Germnay
Indor and outdoor playground equipment. It rocks!!
Sina – Made in Germany
Spielstabil Made in Germany
Plastic sandbox toys.
Togu – Made in Germany
Plastic balls for phyisical rehabilitation and play.
Faber Castel Made in Germany/Brazil/Indonesia/India
Art supplies – colored pencils, pens, paint, markers, etc
Haba – Made in Germany
cloth toys made in china, towels and rugs made in india
Lana Organic Made in Germany/Lithuania/Turkey
Selecta Spielzeug – Made in Germany
wooden toys
Chelona Made in Greece
wooden toys
Sevi Made in Italy/China
wooden toys and letters
Oeuf Made in Latvia
Furniture, including childrens’ beds and cribs
Bajo – Made in Poland
Wooden toys
Caran D’ache Made in Switzerland
Drawing and painting supplies
Inoxcrom Made in Spain
pens, pencils, etc
Viking Toys  Made in Sweden
 plastic toys – cars, boats, etc

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