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Passing of the “Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act”

August 9, 2008

A message from the acting chairmen of the CPSC, Nancy Nord on the bill just passed by congress:

I appreciate and applaud the fact that Congress has given the Consumer Product Safety Commission many of the additional authorities and enforcement tools I requested last year. In addition to these new tools, the bill also contains many new missions and mandates for the agency–responsibilities that are not funded by the bill. Therefore, the next step for Congress will be to pass an appropriations bill that will fund these new requirements.

I intend to see to it that all the provisions in the legislation are implemented fully, fairly and in the way that best serves consumers. I look forward to continuing to work with Congress to secure the resources necessary for the CPSC to implement the bill and to further our goal of protecting American families.

I bet you feel alot better! Its a decent bill, but it really doesn’t go quite far enough in my opinion. I for one will still not be trusting toys that are Made in China with my children.

Toy Recalls, August 2008

August 9, 2008

August 7, 2008
Learning Pots & Pans Toys (Fisher Price) choking

August 6, 2008
BongoCheeta Girls Jackets (Kids with Character) Strangulation Hazard

Drawstring Hoodies (Request Jeans) Strangulation hazard

Hooded Sweatshirts (Raw Blue Sportswear) Strangualtion Hazard

August 5, 2008
Cribs (Mother Hubbard’s Cupboards) Fall Hazard

Davenport Cribs (Baby Appleseed) Fall Hazard