Toy Recalls, October 2007

 October 31, 2007
“Galaxy Warriors” Toy Figures (Henry Gordy International) lead

Ribbit Board Games (Simply Fun) lead
Elite Operations Toys (Toys R US) lead

October 25, 20007
Beary Cute, Expressions, and Sassy & Chic Children’s Metal Jewelry

Children’s Toy Gardening Tools

Fisher-Price Go Diego Go Animal Rescue Boats(Mattel)

WeGlow Children’s Metal Jewelry

October 19, 2007
Farm, Jungle & Dinosaur Animal Sets (Walmart) lead

October 18, 2007
Toy Swords (Gymboree) breakage & laceration

October 17, 2007
Bookmarks (Antioch Publishing) lead

Children’s Puppet Theaters (Guidecraft Inc) lead

Halloween Skull Pails (Albert’s) lead

Pink and Orange Glow Sticks (Dunkin’ Donuts) choking and strangulation hazards

October 11, 2007
Breyer 2006 Stirrup Ornaments

Deluxe Wood Art Sets (JC Penney) lead

Disney Deluxe Winnie-the-Pooh Play Sets (JC Penney) lead

Bendable Dinosaur Toys (Kipp Brothers) lead

Collectible “Jeff Gordon” Mini Helmets (Riddell) lead

Princess Magnetic Travel Art Set Lap Desks (Cracker Barrel) lead

October 9, 2007
Cub Scouts Totem Badges (Kahoot) lead

Starbucks Chidlren’s Plastic Cups (Starbucks) choking and laceration

October 4, 2007
Wooden Blocks & Wagons (KB Toys) lead

Baby Eienstein Discovery & Play Color Blocks (Kids II) lead

Children’s Toy Decorating Sets (Toys “R” Us) lead

Frankenstein Tumblers (Dollar General) lead

Key Chains (Dollar General) lead

Toy Flashlights (Eveready) lead

October 2, 2007
Target Plush Rattles (choking)

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